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PVsyst 2024 Free Download

PVsyst 2024 Overview PVsyst 2024 is the leading application for analyzing, simulating and creating solar energy systems of all types. It is a feature-rich application which provides an extensive library containing meteo data, graphical components and solar energy tools enabling users to easily analyze and simulate photovoltaic systems. It uses advanced algorithms enabling users to accurately  […]

OpenPaths 2024 Free Download

OpenPaths 2024 Overview OpenPaths 2024 is a professional 3D designing application for planning, analyzing and creating high-quality transportation models. It is a feature-rich suite which provides a wide range of robust simulation software enabling engineers to create perfect transport models for the urban, metropolitan, regional, and national movement of people. It is a versatile application […]

MASTERCAM 2024 Free Download

MASTERCAM 2024 Overview MASTERCAM 2024 is the leading CAD/CAM application for CNC programming which enables users to create machine solid models as well as perform complex machining operations. It comes equipped with powerful CNC machining tools and capabilities to help users produce efficient machining operations for milling, turning, cutting, and machining. It also includes a […]

IM-Magic Partition Resizer 2024 Free Download

IM-Magic Partition Resizer 2024 Overview IM-Magic Partition Resizer 2024 is a multi-functional application for resizing, copying, deleting or formatting disk drives without altering the data. It comes bundled with a wide range of flexible partition management functions allowing you to format partitions, delete volumes, copy partitions, create partitions, and erase partitions. The program comes in handy […]

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